Olymp Trade Competitions and Tournaments

At Olymp Trade, there are a plethora of events offering traders the chance to win prizes and bonuses. Here is an overview of some of the most popular ones.

Olymp Trade has earned positive feedback from clients due to its convenient trading conditions, no commission for depositing and withdrawing funds, low minimum deposits, and round-the-clock multilingual support.

The Super 7 Quest

Olymp Trade has earned the trust of more than 25 million traders and 30 million monthly transactions around the world, having established itself in 134 countries and being awarded with the Best Investment Broker Award 2021 for their performance and innovation.

In 2023, Olymp Trade is ready to take its game to a whole new level. To do this, they have devised and implemented numerous innovations that are making trading more accessible to an extensive audience.

For instance, Skilltember Quest offers traders an unparalleled opportunity to hone their mastery during a 10-day quest that is accessible to everyone with an account on the platform. This will enable them to work on their 5 Skills and go home with an impressive cash prize!

Ronaldinho believes traders and football players share five core skills: risk-taking, analysis, planning, management and teamwork. By completing tasks linked to each skill set, participants will earn Mastery Points that can then be exchanged for prizes or bonuses on the platform.

Every day during Skilltember Quest, a special Loot Box will be given out as a reward for achievements. Inside each Box are platform benefits such as XP Points and risk-free trades.

At the conclusion of their Quest, traders will also have a chance to participate in a cash prize drawing. Each Stone they earn counts as an entry token and the more Stones they accumulate, the greater their odds for winning one of the large prizes.

On its 7th anniversary, Olymp Trade is offering a thrilling trading tournament that allows traders to unleash their superpowers and reap rewards. During the Super 7 Quest, each day will be dedicated to one of Olymp Trade's core features - marked by one of its magical Artifacts. By completing multiple challenges that unlock each Artifact's power, traders will earn Stones which they can convert into bonus codes, XP points or risk-free trades.

The Inspire Tournament

On October 20th, 2020 Olymp Trade is launching the Inspire Tournament to mark its 6th birthday! This platform's biggest trading competition of 2020 promises a fun and thrilling challenge for traders of all skill levels.

The Inspire Tournament will offer three Leagues, Daily tasks and Community Goals to help you reach success on Olymp Trade. Traders will compete against one another for cash prizes as well as exclusive rewards that can only be won by the top performers in each League.

This trading competition is designed to bring together Olymp Trade's global community of successful traders. It's an excellent opportunity to win cash and rewards, as well as boost your confidence as a trader.

Since 2014, Olymp Trade has been an international online broker with a highly qualified team to assist clients with their trading requirements. Its growth and success are due to its superior service certifications and dedication to the trading community.

The Inspire Tournament provides traders with three Leagues, daily tasks and Community Goals for greater rewards than ever before. The top 20 traders in each League will win a prize while others can earn additional rewards by completing daily and tournament-long tasks.

Olymp Trade is dedicated to the success of its traders and strives to create an unforgettable experience for each member. This year, they're teaming up with Ronaldinho to introduce new tournaments, special festivities, giveaways of items autographed by the Brazilian superstar, and more spectacular events.

Ronaldinho is an impressive footballer with a passion for music and movies. As an experienced trader, he's particularly fond of Olymp Trade's platform.

He's an inspiring example of what it takes to take risks and make big moves in trading. Additionally, his humble demeanor makes him a role model for young traders looking for guidance.

Are you ready to break out of your comfort zone and become the next Ronaldinho? Join the Inspire Tournament now! It's free and straightforward - simply go to the special landing page and click the Register button!

The Trader’s Journey

Olymp Trade provides its customers with the option to invest in stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. They can trade these assets using both Forex and Fixed Time Trading modes. Furthermore, the broker provides free trading education and analytical tools.

The Olymp Trade platform allows traders to leverage up to 10 times their initial investment. This feature enables them to invest in assets that may otherwise be out of reach for many individuals, as well as making it easier for small investors to earn a substantial profit in an ever-changing market.

Olymp Trade provides trading education through webinars and one-on-one sessions. Plus, its experienced team of analysts can assist you in crafting your own original trading strategies while offering guidance on how to utilize them for optimal results.

As a novice trader, it is wise to practice on a demo account before trading real money on an actual platform. Doing this helps avoid making similar errors as experienced traders and reduces risks. Olymp Trade demo mode provides this opportunity for free practice trading while familiarizing yourself with how the platform functions before activating your real account.

On the Olymp Trade platform, traders earn experience points (XPs) for trading which advance them along the Trader's Way. The more XP they earn, the higher their status; this carries with it additional perks and advantages like faster withdrawals, larger payout tools, and exclusive trading strategies.

The Trader's Way is an innovative reward system designed to guarantee every Olymp Trade trader comes out on top in the long run. This incentive program encourages traders of all skill levels to collaborate and make our world a better place.

With The Trader's Way, you can reward yourself for your hard work and take part in tournaments with prize pots of up to $500,000. These events provide an ideal platform to become involved in the trading community and test out your skills against others.

To become a more confident and successful trader, you should read books or watch videos that explain how to trade. Additionally, keep up with market news and trade webinars so you can learn from the experts on the platform.

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