Omp Trade 2023 and Your User Funds

At Omp Trade (the Company, us or we), we understand your desire to keep your personal information private and appreciate our dedication to security.

Olymp Trade provides a range of tools and features to manage risk and safeguard your account, such as risk management strategies, market analysis, and stop-loss orders. These measures help safeguard the privacy of all your personal data.

Security of Customer Accounts

Omp Trade 2023 is a Supply Chain Planning Solutions provider and offers various services to Suppliers and Customers alike, such as freight forwarding services, enforcement of exclusivity agreements, monitoring competitors, etc. Furthermore, Users are able to create an account on the platform to monitor their import/export activities - an excellent way to guarantee compliance with import/export laws.

Omp Trade 2023 is a member of the Olymp Group and offers supply chain planning solutions from its headquarters in Belgium. It collaborates with Supply Chain Insights research firm and EY LLP (EY US). The Olymp Trade 2023 team is passionate about aiding supply chains with rapid and de-risk transformation, developing new capabilities in organizational planning, upskilling planners and creating innovative operating models. With headquarters based in Belgium, Omp Trade 2023 has a global reach. This includes a presence in China. Its founders are experienced business executives with extensive international trading expertise; such as CEO of Toys'R Us Turkey and senior finance and investment banker at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell and Scarsdale Equities.