Best Forex Trading Course Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you eager to explore the world of forex trading? Or perhaps you're already a seasoned trader looking to improve your skills. Either way, one thing is clear: the best forex trading courses can elevate your knowledge and give you insights into how to make informed trades.

The only question is, which course is right for you?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the best forex trading courses currently available on the market. From beginners to experts, we'll help you find the right course to take your trading strategy to the next level. Let's begin.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Forex Trading
  2. What to Look for When Choosing a Forex Trading Course
  3. The Best Forex Trading Courses We Reviewed Forex School Online Trading Academy Trading Heroes Investopedia Academy The Forex Trading Coach Forex Mentor Pro Online Trading Academy Warrior Trading
  4. Conclusion

Introduction to Forex Trading

Before we dive into the best forex trading courses, it's worth refreshing our understanding of what forex trading is and why it's become an increasingly popular vehicle for traders on the financial markets.

What is Forex Trading?

FOREX stands for Foreign Exchange, which refers to the buying and selling of currencies. The forex market is the world's largest financial market with an average daily volume of over $5 trillion.

Trading in forex involves buying one currency and simultaneously selling another. Unlike stocks, where traders buy and sell shares of publicly listed companies, forex trading is a decentralized market where all currencies are traded directly between traders or with market makers who create a market for buyers and sellers.

What Drives the Forex Market?

Various factors drive the forex market, but one of the most important is economic activity. The strength or weakness of a country's economy can significantly impact its currency's value, either positively or negatively.

Other factors that impact the forex market include government policies, political upheaval, and natural disasters.

Why Trade in Forex?

There are several reasons why forex trading has become an appealing option for traders.

First and foremost, the forex market operates 24/7, providing ample opportunities for traders to make trades. Moreover, the forex market is highly liquid, meaning that trades can be executed quickly without worrying about liquidity.

Another reason why forex trading is popular is the availability of high leverage. Leverage allows traders to control a large amount of capital with little initial investment, enabling them to make substantial profits with minimal capital.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Forex Trading Course

Before investing time and money in a forex trading course, it's essential to weigh the course provider's key features carefully. The following features should be considered:

Course Content

The best forex trading courses will provide a comprehensive overview of the forex market, technical and fundamental analysis, trading strategies, and risk management. The course content should cater to all levels: novice, intermediate, and advanced.

Most courses offer different modules for each level, providing a continuous learning experience as traders mature and refine their skills. Therefore, the course content should not be too broad or too narrow.

Course Provider

The forex market is a specialized and complex space. Therefore it is vital to ensure the course is provided by an expert with a proven track record and years of experience trading forex.

Ensure the course provider has all the necessary licenses, and their course curriculum aligns with the regulatory bodies of your specific region.

Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and feedback from other traders who have taken the course can provide invaluable insights. Read reviews and comments that the course participants have left on the course provider's website or other independent review websites.

You need to find a course that others recommend, has high ratings, and positive testimonials from previous participants. Pay attention to feedback on the course's relevance, content quality, instructor's expertise, and specific benefits they derived.

Course Delivery Method

Course delivery can either be online, in-person, or a combination of both. Online courses are the most popular because they offer flexibility and can be taken from anywhere in the world.

In-person classes or seminars allow students to interact with the instructor and fellow classmates, allowing for personalized feedback. In contrast, a hybrid of both delivery methods allows students to balance the benefits of both formats.


The best forex trading courses do not come cheap, but it's crucial to consider the value for money and return on investment. Prices for forex trading courses vary and can be bundled with other services (education, software, etc.), or pricing can be a one-time fee or monthly subscriptions.

Some courses offer payment plans to spread the cost over several months, making them more accessible to students with limited capital. Ensure that the pricing aligns with your budget, but don't compromise on the course's quality or content.

The Best Forex Trading Courses We Reviewed

We took a deep dive and reviewed some of the best forex trading courses on the market. Here is a list of some courses we found to be quite promising.

Forex School Online

Forex School Online is a popular forex training platform that provides one of the best forex trading courses for beginners. The founder, Jonathan Silver, has years of forex trading experience and provides an innovative approach to teaching forex trading.

This course provides an in-depth overview of the forex market, chart analysis, trading psychology, and risk management. It includes a variety of videos, tutorials, and quizzes that cater to the different skill levels.

The course delivery method is entirely online, with students accessing it from anywhere in the world, and the price is quite affordable, offered at $257 for a lifetime membership.



Trading Academy

Trading Academy provides a comprehensive online or in-person forex trading course designed for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced traders. It offers a unique approach integrating a wide concept of forex trading techniques and strategies.

The course curriculum includes over 80 lessons of live online or in-person education to cover every aspect of forex trading. It teaches fundamental and technical analysis, trading psychology, and strategies to manage risk. Students are also provided with an opportunity to interact with other traders, creating an environment of mentorship and peer support.

However, while the course curriculum is more comprehensive than other courses, it comes with a hefty price tag of $7,500. The course price also includes other practical programs like mentorship and trader screening, in addition to the main course content.



Trading Heroes

Trading Heroes is a powerful forex course that focuses on algorithmic trading. The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders seeking to automate their trading strategies.

It offers four stages in forex trading, each providing extensive material on algorithmic trading. The course also provides strategies and techniques for identifying trading opportunities.

Trading Heroes teaches users the necessary programming skills needed to create robots and automate trading with Forex software like MT4 or other similar platforms.

The course's pricing ranges from $97 to $397, and the lifetime membership unlocks all course content, sources, and support.



Investopedia Academy

Investopedia Academy provides a wide range of courses, including a beginner forex course. This course is highly suitable for individual learners getting started in forex trading, covering the basics of Forex trading, technical analysis, and risk management.

The course also addresses core concepts of the forex market, including currency pairs and terminology. The course comprises 15 video lessons, exercises, quizzes, and a trading simulator.

Investopedia Academy is an online-only platform, delivering an on-demand education system. The course's pricing ranges from $199 to $299, depending on the package you choose, and includes full access to other courses on Investopedia Academy.



The Forex Trading Coach

The Forex Trading Coach is a leading online forex education platform that creates personalized coaching and support. Simon Brown is the founder of Forex Trading Coach, providing several forex courses suitable for all levels of traders.

The course curriculum covers various aspects of forex trading, including technical analysis, chart reading, and price action trading. It also includes support materials such as webinars, ebooks, market reviews, and indicators.

The Forex Trading Coach offers an affordable pricing policy, starting from $379 for the beginner's course, with various pricing options available. The course delivery is made online via a personal coaching system application.



Forex Mentor Pro

Forex Mentor Pro is another popular online education platform providing forex courses to traders. The platform is founded by two seasoned traders, Marc Walton and Dean Saunders, providing students access to over 40 years of trading experience.

Forex Mentor Pro provides a comprehensive curriculum that suits all levels of traders, teaching the basics of forex trading and advanced trading strategies. The course covers technical analysis, fundamental analysis, indicators, and risk management.

The course platform provides excellent support services through a member support forum, email support, webinars, and chat services. Forex Mentor Pro also provides one-to-one personal coaching to its students to ensure that they can implement the learned concepts in real-time.

The course pricing ranges from $47 a month, offering a 7-day trial for $1, up to $197, providing lifetime access to the course materials.



Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy (OTA) is one of the most comprehensive trading education platforms available worldwide. The platform provides numerous forex courses for beginner and seasoned traders, covering fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and risk management.

OTA provides students with access to instructor-led webinars, workshops, seminars, and recorded sessions. Additionally, the platform provides extensive support, including access to proprietary trading tools and software.

The platform is not exclusive to forex trading education but offers a wide range of courses that cover various financial instruments. The pricing varies depending on location and availability, with a lifetime membership costing up to $60,000.



Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is an online education platform that specializes in day trading education and live trading. The platform provides numerous forex courses, including topics like technical analysis, trading psychology, and risk management.

Warrior Trading offers learners a variety of courses, such as a beginner trader course, a swing trading course, and a micro trading course.

Courses are delivered online via webinar platforms, with bonus materials like eBooks and webinars included in the package.

Warrior Trading offers a 'Trading Simulator' to its users to practice trading before participating in the live trading sessions. Pricing plans range from $997 to $4,299, depending on which package you choose.



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In conclusion, the forex trading courses analyzed in this review article are some of the best available on the market, ranging from those suitable for novice traders to more advanced traders looking to improve their results.

The Forex School Online and Forex Mentor Pro courses are highly suitable for beginners seeking affordable courses. Trading Academy and Online Trading Academy are popular comprehensive training programs providing students with in-depth training in various financial instruments.

Warrior Trading and Trading Heroes appeal to traders looking to automate their trading strategy or day trading-specific forex training.

We hope that this comprehensive guide has provided you with enough information to make an informed decision about choosing the right forex trading course for you. Good luck, and happy learning!